Oakton Precincts Favor Romney

Turnout in Oakton higher than rest of state, but still lower than in 2008

Voters at Oakton precincts showed a preference for Mitt Romney over Ron Paul on Super Tuesday with 70.6 percent of the votes, falling in line with the .

Three of the four precincts followed on Oakton Patch showed a higher turnout than the rest of the state, which had a turnout of about 5 percent. Precincts at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax, Oak Marr Recreation Center and Waples Mill Elementary School, all in Oakton, had turnout rates of 7.39, 7.58 and 8.25 percent, respectively. Oakton High in Vienna had a 5.11 percent turnout.

Romney won all four precincts Tuesday.

Two of the potential GOP presidential nominees, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, did not meet the criteria to make the Virginia ballot. 

All four precincts had a lower turnout than in the 2008 Republican presidential primary. 

Both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney showed up on primary ballot in 2008. In Fairfax County, Paul outdid Romney to take Virginia in four of the nine supervisory districts — Providence, Hunter Mill, Mason and Lee — though neither took the lead in any of the nine.

Paul performed better in Providence by 44 votes, garnering 352 to Romney's 308. In Sully District, Romney won 36 more votes than Paul with 340 to Paul's 304. Totals include absentee ballots.

Oakton is split between the Sully and Providence supervisory districts. Voters at Oakton precincts, including the one at Oakton High School, were split between Romney and Paul. Two precincts has more ballots cast in favor of Paul than Romney, and two did the opposite.

Neither Paul nor Romney won an Oakton precinct in 2008, as John McCain swept all four.

A breakdown of Oakton's precincts, including Oakton High in Vienna:

Precinct 701 — Blake (Oakton High School)
Votes Vote Percentage Ron Paul 83 36.88% Mitt Romney 142 63.11% Total Votes: 225 of 4,399 active registered voters (5.11%)


Precinct 727 — Oakton (Unitarian Univeralist Congregation of Fairfax)
Votes Vote Percentage Ron Paul 50 26.73% Mitt Romney 137 73.26% Total Ballots: 187 of 2,530 active registered voters (7.39%)


Precinct 732 — Oak Marr (Oak Marr Recreation Center)
Votes Vote Percentage Ron Paul 69 25.55% Mitt Romney 201 74.44% Total Votes: 270 of 3,564 active registered voters (7.58%)


Precinct 916 — Waples Mill (Waples Mill Elementary)
Votes Vote Percentage Ron Paul 107 29.07% Mitt Romney 261 70.92% Total Votes: 368 of 4,462 active registered voters (8.25%)


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