Nov. 28-Dec. 4: School Board Seeks Better Info on Cameras Ahead of Dec. 15 Vote

Metro riders could see another fare increase as soon as this July

The Fairfax County School Board is of the pending vote on a policy that would allow interior surveillance cameras in high schools. Financing, data were among concerns discussed Thursday in advance of the Dec. 15 decision.

Though the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority raised Metro fares last summer, in an effort to make up for lost revenue and rising costs.

Virginia Department of Transportation following last year's intense storms.

Fairfax County to assist families, schools, PTAs, community and faith-based groups in helping students in response to a survey that showed 32.2 percent of students said they had experienced symptoms of depression.

Del. Mark Keam (D-35th District) for a competition that would allow up to eight winners have their pieces posted in Keam's Richmond office during the 2012 General Assembly session.

Northern Virginia Family Services for their work helping vulnerable families establish stability.

Five Oakton boys, who form the team Psychotic Robotics, tournament at James Madison University after placing first in the regional tournament Nov. 20.

Oakton Spotlight: Jayne Young, a lifetime Virginia resident, in the community around her. 

: Oakton resident John Cochran's , as the Te Tuna tribe voted him off to Redemption Island on Wednesday. Cochran will face "Survivor" veteran Ozzy in a challenge that, if lost, will send him to the Jury for good.


Coleman Johnson, of Oak Hill, next year. The senior at Paul VI Catholic High School has served as captain for the Panthers and his AAU teams.

, a standout basketball player at Oakton High School and now an assistant coach at Old Dominion, gives much credit for her success in basketball to Coach Fred Priester, who is still at the helm for the Cougar squad.


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