Feb. 21-27: Chesser Receives 25-Year Sentence

FCPS faces public scrutiny for its disciplinary process

Zachary Chesser, a 2008 Oakton High graduate, this week for supporting Somali terrorists and threatening the creators of South Park. Chesser, 21, pleaded guilty Oct. 20 to providing support to al-Shabab, a Somali terrorist group linked to al-Qaida, by posting propaganda online. He also exchanged e-mails with Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, who has been linked to the 2009 Christmas Day bombing attempt of a Detroit-bound airplane and the Fort Hood massacre.

Fairfax County Public Schools have faced scrutiny from the public recently for what critics perceive as a zero tolerance policy. The disciplinary process received criticism after , a 15-year-old Woodson High student, committed suicide Jan. 20. Stuban's parents connect his suicide with , claiming their son was not treated "fairly and reasonably" and directly connected his suicide to the county's "inhumane, impersonal, overly harsh and draconian" discipline policies. At a regularly scheduled meeting with the Parent Advisory Council on Wednesday, their concerns about the disciplinary process. He told them the School Board would be voting to approve reviewing the policy, .

In other school news, hosted speaker and author Rachel Simmons to talk to parents about preventing .

In government news, George Allen (R) at a Lorton family's house last week. The former governor recently announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. He lost in his first bid for the position in 2006 to Sen. Jim Webb (D), who has announced he will not run for a second term.

Del. Jim LeMunyon (R-67th District) had at the beginning of the week, with four others already approved.

The Planning Commission for a day care/preschool on Sutton Road, citing traffic concerns. The applicant claims he is being treated unfairly.

In lighter news, made a surprise stop at Jammin' Java last week. In Washington, D.C. for a Motown tribute at the White House, Jonas decided Wednesday to do a set with his friend and fellow musician John Lloyd Taylor and asked Jammin' Java to use its space. The venue obliged and hundreds of Jonas' fans showed up for the free show.

The delighted an audience at with music from Brahms, Prokofiev and Schumann. The sextet performed as part of UUCF's concert series, and proceeds from the performance benefitted the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

, senior at , earned Oakton Patch's Whiz Kid of the Week honor for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout this month.

This week's Moms Talk topic, , provided a forum for moms to advise each other on how to raise children to be humble, hard-working members of the community.


The Oakton boys basketball team of the Northern Region Tournament to end their tumultuous season.

The girls ventured a little further in the tournament, in the second round after in the first round. They advanced to the semifinals where they were , cutting the Cougars' season short after advancing to the state tournament two years in a row.

The ice hockey team surprised the third-seeded Broad Run Spartans with a to advance to the semifinals. The Cougars in the semifinals, then toyed with the idea of of one of the Stone Bridge players. John Alexa, Oakton head coach, decided not to pursue the claim.

Flint Hill's boys basketball team capped off the regular season with a . They advanced to the MAC title game, but to Sidwell Friends.


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