ExxonMobil Shutting Down Fairfax Location by 2014

All 2,100 employees at the Gallows Road location will relocate to Texas.

As more businesses have a presence in Fairfax County, ExxonMobil is preparing to pack up and move the 2,100 employees at their Gallows Road offices to Texas by early 2014.

In a prepared statement Wednesday, the company announced plans to expand their Houston campus to accommodate the Fairfax and Akron, Ohio employees they are moving.

“Including additional employees on the new campus will provide even more opportunities for collaboration and innovation, supporting ExxonMobil’s mission of delivering energy to meet growing global needs,” Bryan Milton, president of ExxonMobil Global Services Company said in the statement.

The addition of 1,200 jobs by the arrivals of Volkswagen, Hilton and in Fairfax County is not enough to offset the loss of 2,100 jobs in the area, The Washington Post reported. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) told the Post that he had been talking with Exxon officials for the last two years about a possible move and had been trying to persuade them to stay.

“We’ve actually been fortunate that they have delayed their decision and we were able to keep them here for a couple years to keep that presence here,” McDonnell told the Post. “Obviously it’s a lot of jobs. I’m disappointed.”


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