Bulova Keeps Board of Supervisors Chairman Seat

Sharon Bulova wins clear majority with nearly 60 percent of the vote

In the Board of Supervisors chairperson’s race, incumbent Democrat Sharon Bulova retained her seat, defeating Republican Michael “Spike” Williams, Independent candidate Will Radle and Independent candidate Christopher DeCarlo.

In reference to both her own race and that of other Board of Supervisors candidates, Bulova said Tuesday night, “I’m very pleased with the results.”

Bulova thanked her supporters for their efforts during the campaign.

"Thank you for being out there and working, knocking on doors. Thank you all of you who are making phone calls and the folks who I saw out there at the polls today and throughout the campaign, thank you," Bulova said. "And I think that you can see right here on this stage the payoff for all of that hard work."

Bulova received 59.40 percent of the votes; Williams received 35.59 percent; DeCarlo received 3.40 and Radle received 1.53 percent.

Michael "Spike" Williams thanked his wife and supporters as he acknowledged his loss to Sharon Bulova at the Fairfax GOP party in Falls Church.

"I appreciate everything everybody did for my campaign and for the Republican cause," Williams said in a speech to the GOP supporters at the Fairfax County Republican Committee party at Fairview Marriott in Falls Church. "I think we have a lot of work to do ... between now and next year's elections. This should really drive everyone to go out and redouble their efforts."

Last time DeCarlo ran he only got 1 percent, and he told Patch he attributes his new success to his rap campaign video. "I'll run every year, " DeCarlo said, also hinting he might run for Congress in 2012.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors

School Board At Large

Mike J. "Spike" Williams 68,167 35.59% Precincts Reporting:
    240 of 240 (100%)
Sharon S. Bulova 113,769 59.40%
Christopher F. DeCarlo
6,520 3.40%
A. Will Radle Jr.
2,932 1.53%
Write In
122 0.06%


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