Aug. 20-26: Oakton Residents Arrested for Manufacturing Marijuana, Embezzlement

11-year-old Oakton boy motivates friends to buy new lacrosse equipment for kids in need

Fairfax County Police after responding to a burglary call from his upstairs neighbors, police said. Anthony G. Halteh, 22, of Windwood Farms Drive in Oakton, has been charged with manufacturing marijuana for others, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, burglary and misdemeanor assault.

An Oakton man was from a Falls Church defense contracting company. Paul Kulgavin, 33, of Fox Vale Glen Court in Oakton, is accused of not repaying money acquired from his company after requesting advanced funding for two seminars that never ran.

Ask An Officer:

Fair Oaks Police Log:

Fairfax County officials have regarding widespread 911 failures in the area during and after the June 29 derecho, this time blaming the outage on the failure of Verizon’s backup power sources and damage to equipment in the area.

Lower calorie counts, reduced sodium and saturated fats, and more fruits and vegetables are . The system's changes to its school lunch program come with new federal nutrition standards being implemented this fall in schools across the country, the largest reform of national lunch and breakfast programs in 15 years.

Jack Sample, an 11-year-old Oakton resident, , then enlisted his friends to do the same.

Margaret Davis, a former special education teacher at Waples Mill Elementary, .

Oakton residents than the rest of the state, according to a recent study.

Oakton High students to promote local artists' work.


American Legion Post 180 Baseball . Brandmark broke two Post 180 baseball records as a relief pitcher with five saves and a 0.74 ERA, throwing 50 strikeouts in 36.1 innings. He led his team with a .374 batting average, .548 slugging percentage and 43 hits — and a team-best 14 doubles.

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