Storm Leaves Large Sinkhole at Sunrise Valley and Glade

Police warn citizens ground is unstable, so stay away.

Thursday's huge rainstorm and flash flooding caused a sinkhole on Sunrise Valley Drive near Glade Drive in Reston, one of several county wide.

The area around the sinkhole, located in the righthand, eastbound lane between Glade and Reston Parkway. The area is roped off, so there is no danger of driving into it, but police are warning residents not to try and walk on it either.

Fairfax County Police warn that sinkholes, road cave-ins, and bridge damage present a continued danger to pedestrians and drivers. They have cordoned off these areas with flares, cones and police tape and urge citizens to stay away from the area.

The road and surrounding area may look stable but the ground and supporting material could give way at any time, police said. Anyone caught beyond the police barriers could be charged with playing on streets and highways or with crossing police lines, perimeters or barriers. These are misdemeanor charges that carry fines of not more than $250 or $500.

Private Person September 11, 2011 at 01:40 PM
That intersection is a mess. Between the mistimed traffic lights, the lack of a long enough right-turn lane from Westbound Sunrise Valley to northbound Fairfax County Parkway and the ponding water that's been collecting there for years next to the low-income housing project, it's time to fix this disater once and for all.
The BSD Guy September 11, 2011 at 07:23 PM
These problems are caused by the over development that's been going on and continues to get worse and worse and worse in Reston. Water can no longer drain normally. More and more asphalt and buildings means less draining areas, which means the water has to "dump" itself into concentrated areas. Underground streams and paths effectively wash out and thus the soil above them collapses. I suspect that some homeowners may soon find their foundations cracking, with foundation walls segregating from their floors, with such a house being declared uninhabitable (if you live in Reston, make sure your insurance covers foundation problems!!) You can see a sink hole like this anywhere, but they will crop up much more frequently where there's wall to wall asphalt for the very reasons I've stated. If you travel to the area and observe the surrounding, it really, truly is, wall-to-wall asphalt. You can expect problems like this to get much more frequent and much more serious when the developers start bulldozing more terrain and filling it with concrete and asphalt.
Janice Day September 12, 2011 at 05:18 PM
As of yesterday the entire eastbound lane of Sunrise Valley Drive past Glade drive is closed off. You either have to make a u-turn and head back toward Fairfax County Parkway or make a right onto Glade Drive.
Leslie Perales Loges September 12, 2011 at 06:30 PM
If you haven't yet, you might want to ask the Vienna Patch editor about it since it's located in Vienna. http://vienna.patch.com
Arielle Masters September 14, 2011 at 05:19 PM
Janice, thanks for the warning about not going that way. All - is there an ETC on repairs?


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