Ask an Officer: Why Can't Police Enforce Parking Laws on Private Lots?

Officer Wayne Twombly answers questions from readers

Have a question you've always wanted to ask someone in law enforcement? Officer Wayne Twombly of the Fair Oaks Police District, which encompasses Oakton, will answer your question through our Ask an Officer feature. Readers submit questions and Officer Twombly responds. Send questions to Nicole.Trifone@patch.com or submit them in the comments section below.

Here are this week's questions:

Why can't the police do anything about a car illegally parked in a "private parking lot"? If a car is double-parked and blocking you from getting out, the police respond, "We can't do anything. It's a private lot. You must talk to whomever is in charge of the lot." Who cares? Can you do other illegal things in a "private" lot and not be charged?

We are limited as to what we can enforce on private property. It would be just like coming on your property and enforcing parking. We can't. We can enforce Reckless Driving, DWI, Hit& Run, and Fire Lane. We are usually asked and given permission to enforce fire lane and handicap violations in private communities.

How can I show my appreciation for the officer stationed in my son's high school? He has done a great job and should be recognized. 

It's great that the officer at your son's school has made such an impression on you. What you can do is send in writing to the officer's station commanders on how good of a job the officer is doing. The commanders love hearing from the citizens about how the officers under their command are doing. 


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