Ask an Officer: How Can I Bring Attention to Danger at Lawyers, Hunter Mill Roads Intersection?

Officer Wayne Twombly answers questions from readers

Have a question you've always wanted to ask someone in law enforcement? Officer Wayne Twombly of the Fair Oaks Police District, which encompasses Oakton and Chantilly, will answer your question through our Ask an Officer feature. Readers submit questions and Officer Twombly responds. Send questions to Nicole.Trifone@patch.com or submit them in the comments section below.

Here are this week's questions:

Several times a day, I try to turn left from westbound Lawyers road to southbound Hunter Mill road. Motorists consistently ignore painted traffic controls at this intersection, routinely causing dangerous near-miss situations with oncoming motorists. I find this intersection to be more dangerous with each passing day as typical motorist patterns have ventured further and further from the marked right-of-way. My question to the officer is this, how does someone bring this sort of condition to the attention of the police? Is the best method to call the local office or to stop a passing officer? Is there some sort of contact email or web forum built for this purpose?

Probably the best way to handle this is for the citizen to call the local station or the non-emergency number to advise officers of the situation. They can then monitor, and, if needed, start issuing summonses. If officers see the violation they will certainly take action. 

Fair Oaks Station: 703-591-0966
Non-emergency number: 703-691-2131

What are the rules regarding the new double line separating the HOV lane on 66, and what is the point of the red lane?

The double lines and the orange looking lane are just reminders that these are restricted for HOV. 

CR September 29, 2012 at 01:18 PM
Regarding the question about the special lanes on Route 66: there is more to it than the answer stated here. It is my understanding that the double line separating the HOV lane cannot be crossed during certain hours. In other words, if a driver wishes to enter or exit the HOV lane, he/she may only do so at a point where there is no double line. The terra cotta colored lane, on the other hand, is not an HOV lane at all, but rather the "shoulder lane." The new color is a reminder to drivers that this lane is only open to traffic during certain hours, and is strictly for emergency pull offs (a shoulder) at the other times. The new color on the shoulder lane does not change the rules that were already in effect, but is meant to be a bolder reminder to drivers, since so many ignore the green arrow / red X lights above the lane. These questions, though, may be best posed to the Virginia State Troopers, whom I believe are the law enforcement unit responsible for enforcement on the highways.
Phil Hood September 29, 2012 at 02:34 PM
If you are turning left from west bound lawyers road to south bound hunter mill road, then you need to invest in a map. There are perhaps three people in the world for whom this is the best route to their destination.


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