Accused Dentist Says Witness Is Fired Employee

Dr. Hamada Makarita says he fired an FBI informant for insurance fraud, embezzlement.

An Oakton dentist accused of  says one of the case's witnesses is his practice's former office manager whom he fired after she embezzled from the practice two years ago, according to court documents.

Dr. Hamada Makarita terminated Karen Derder's employment at his dentistry practice in Oakton on April 15, 2010, after discovering she had engaged in insurance fraud and embezzled more than $50,000 from his 401(k) over five years, according to an affidavit from the defense's private investigator filed April 19. 

According to the documents, Makarita filed a report with the FBI after finding discrepancies in an audit he conducted of his business in April 2010. He also contacted the Fairfax County Police Department about the issue in May 2010.

No federal charges have been brought against Derder.

The office manager had previously worked for Makarita and was fired for insurance fraud in 1993. Derder, who went by the name of Karen Crowe at the time, was also convicted of forgery and uttering in the Culpeper County Circuit Court in 1991. Makarita and Derder reconciled and she was rehired in 1997.

The private detective's affidavit was filed in support of the defense's argument that Makarita is not a flight risk and therefore should retain travel privileges. On Thursday, earlier this month to .

Makarita, 50, was during which he took explicit photos of women to whom he had provided the drugs, according to federal prosecutors.

Last week, prosecutors filed a motion to detain and revoke travel privileges, accusing Makarita of engaging in witness tampering, in part through his interaction with Derder.

According to the FBI, Derder received a call April 12 from Makarita, which she did not answer. No voicemail was left. Makarita's defense explains the phone call as an accident, claiming his phone may have called Derder while it was in his pocket.

The FBI complaint also accused Makarita of intimidating a current employee for cooperating with the FBI investigation; of speaking with patients about prescriptions he wrote to them, including refills patients did not remember receiving; and of contacting at least one former girlfriend. The complaint also accuses Makarita of threatening to blackmail one former girlfriend, prior to his arrest, with explicit sexual videos taken on his cell phone. Makarita denies all accusations. 

When Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Mazen M. Basrawi informed Makarita's attorney, James Tate, of the alleged tampering April 6, Tate said Makarita had been answering questions from patients about the case but would refrain from discussing the case moving forward.

Patient of Over A Decade April 24, 2012 at 04:36 AM
One would think that we have strict laws in place and a fair legal to firmly punish those who "wrong" and not divert from complaining about an embezzler to being accused. It just doesn't make any sense. Makes one wonder if "fairness" even exists in our society. Hence this situation here at hand. Have we seriously lost track to this evident degree? Is this what our society has become all about? Allowing those who embezzle walk away and top it off by "ruining" the life of a reputable doctor? If anyone is believing any of these accusations for a fraction of a second then that only shows us how "evil" is and has won over "good". It's shameful to believe accusations by someone who has zero ethics and credibility.
let's see April 24, 2012 at 12:37 PM
Actually, this raises more questions than gives answers in my mind. Yes, I read it. Something is definitely not right!
DR Mak's Patient April 24, 2012 at 06:46 PM
What a shame! The real criminal is on the loose while the innocent is being framed. A disgruntled employee, with a history of fraud and forgery is the one who is had the guts to embezzle and steal. My family and I didn’t have a moment of doubt that Dr. Makarita is innocent. We have known Dr Makarita for almost 10 years as our family dentist. He has always been the symbol of decency, generosity, and ethics. My kids adore him. I believe he is the only dentist who his patients look forward to seeing. We are all so happy to see the true story coming out in the Patch. It is about time that truth comes out. Justice will prevail and Dr Makarita’s will prove his innocence from all this nonsense. Our prayers are with him.
Mark L. Wright April 25, 2012 at 02:00 AM
My wife and I have been paittents of Dr. Makarita's for over 15 yrars. Dr. Makarita is a fantastic dentist and a wondereful man. He is the only dentist I've ever looked forward to seeing on a regular basis. Karen Derder should be the one in the hot seat. Embezzlement, forgery, fraud and uttering and still no significant jail time? There is something wrong here that the Feds. need to look into. In my humble opinion it seems that Derder has a vendetta against Dr. Makarita for terminating her and this entire mess lays at her feet. We need to be reminded about the poor man accused of being the bomber at the Atlanta Olympics. His life was ruined, reputation shattered, and face plastered all over the world. Finally, the FBI figured out they had the wrong man. His reputation, standing in the community, and chance of living a normal life was destroyed and remains so to this day.In a rush to judgement the FBI and other law enforcement agencies put this guy's life under a microscope and destroyed him before all the facts were known. I sincerely wish Dr. Makarita well during these dark days. I have little doubt that he will be vindicated of all charges and then the healing can begin. Innocent until proven guilty is something we all must follow. We don't have any idea what the defense will present at trial. Sit back, take a deep breath, and join us in wishing Dr. Makarita all the best...
Mary Robey May 03, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I started knowing Dr M over 15 years ago. He is always in a good mood. I would actually be euphoric after getting my teeth fixed because I had the hope that I was in good health. I am ovewhelmed with sadness that some despicable person has torn down his name. He is so good. What was the reason for being so hateful? MR


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