Are You Ready for Something Sorta Like Football?

When it comes to being a football fan, I've totally punted

Well, it’s that time of year. You know, the time when everyone gathers on the big day to eat, watch some larger-than-life figures on the television and then give thanks.

Unless, of course, they are a Redskins fan.

I recognize that’s some mighty big trash talk from someone who knows very little about what’s going on in the world of football. I don’t know what gene I’m missing, but I have absolutely no interest in the sport. Perhaps it is because I did not go to a big football school. Perhaps it is because I never played as a child. Perhaps it is simply because I hate freedom ...

[Right now, one of my best friends — who was so overcome by emotion (read: sangria) the year the Broncos won the Super Bowl that she actually cried — is shaking her head in disgust.]

Honestly, football is so far down the list of things that interest me that it falls somewhere between listening to people talk about their ailments and anything named “Kardashian.”

Which is why it was especially ironic when I entered the weekly office football pool on a whim one time. Most of my co-workers had researched team records and scores to make their educated picks. My method was a bit more unorthodox, but as it turns out … much more effective. I would look at the teams that were matched up and select whichever city I had visited as the game winner. If I had been to both places, I selected the city I liked better. Of course, much to the disgust of those who played religiously every week, I won the pool. (Note: This method does not hold up in Vegas. Yet another lesson learned the hard way.)

So, it is rather amusing that this year on Thanksgiving Day, my family and I are going to be playing football, in the annual touch football game our neighbors coordinate at a local park with about 40 of their friends and relatives. And perhaps more surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to it.

I’m guessing the refreshing cocktail break scheduled between each quarter may have a little something to do with it.

dilettante07 November 16, 2011 at 10:08 PM
Our company does a pool for the NCAAs every year. We are an international company, and we open it up to all of our offices. An American has never won the pool. Last year, a woman from Argentina won, and she never even knew which sport she was betting on. The guys in the company were apoplectic.
Kathleen Canedo November 16, 2011 at 10:12 PM
Nicole - I love your system. (Xavier and Oral Roberts -- nicely done.) I would also always pick UConn -- because every single time I hear it, I think Yukon. Now the fans can hate us both. Tante - I love that your coworker did not even know which sport it was. Awesome.
Bonnie Horowitz November 17, 2011 at 02:27 AM
If you make a good play, are you going to butt-five everyone?
Kathleen Canedo November 17, 2011 at 12:03 PM
Bonnie - I mat do that anyway...
Kathleen Canedo November 17, 2011 at 12:04 PM
May, that is


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