A Happy Ending for Angel and Her Pups

Update on Angel and her six pups, rescued from a life of abuse and neglect.

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Angel and her six pups, rescued from a life of abuse and neglect. Their owner was a backyard breeder who decided to cut off each of the pups’ ears with a pair of scissors in an attempt to make them look “mean.”

Thankfully, someone stepped in to report the abuse, and Mutts Matter was able to rescue all the pups, get them to a safe environment, and give them the medical attention they needed. They have all found loving homes now, and we want to share this quick update with you.

Angel was adopted by a family in Annapolis, MD, that was initially looking to adopt a smaller dog. After reading Angel’s story, they were immediately drawn to her. Angel has acclimated quickly to her new home and family. She gets along well with her pup sibling, Duchess, and has a special affinity for her new dad, following him everywhere.

After all she’s been through, she’s still a happy, sweet, and silly dog. She loves car rides and entertains her new family as she plays with her toys, throwing them up the air and then chasing after them.

Angel’s six pups have also found new homes across the region, from Reston to Annapolis. One of the pups, Beatrice (formerly Starr), is living the life of luxury in Silver Spring, being spoiled by her family and their friends. She has her own blog called Bulldog Beatrice's Adventures, and was just sent a large goodie basket full of toys and treats from her new mom’s co-workers at the Discovery Channel. Beatrice is a normal, energetic, and healthy puppy in every way, with no residual medical issues from her ear injuries. 

The story of Angel and her pups resonated with Patch readers and dog lovers in our community. Mutts Matter was contacted by several rescue groups who wanted to help and share Angel’s story. We were also contacted by the local chapter of a national charity that wants to devote some of their volunteer resources to support animal rescue.

One of the biggest misconceptions some people have about rescued animals is that they are somehow broken, or more challenging, but the reality is that dogs are very resilient, and quickly adapt to a new environment and respond to a loving home. Rescue dogs from all circumstances can transition into a well-adjusted, loving member of your family.

Sadly, there are between seven to 11 million unwanted animals euthanized every year. These are healthy, adoptable pets whose only fault is that they don't have a place to call home.

The U.S. has a large overpopulation problem, and most people are unaware of how many wonderful dogs and cats are waiting in shelters and foster families for someone to love them. Angel and her pups are a testament to the virtue of rescue and the fulfillment that comes from rescuing a pup in need.

Thanks for considering rescue!

Video: Meet Beatrice, the Yard Warrior

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C. Marchionna October 02, 2011 at 12:39 AM
I will never understand how people can be so cruel to animals. They are always there for us. Wonderful story and I'm glad it has a happy ending.
Whitney Rhodes October 02, 2011 at 01:21 AM
Hear! Hear! My pup was a stray in N.C. She was picked up by a kill shelter and a rescue group stepped in the day she was to be put down. Foster after foster took her in until I found her in Fairfax City (Weber's Pet Supermarket, courtesy of a Mutt Love event). Can't imagine life without her now. :)
Mutts Matter Rescue October 02, 2011 at 02:12 AM
Thanks everyone for sharing your touching rescue stories! I think we are lucky to live in a community where so many folks understand the value and rewards of rescue. I too have a rescue pup, Cleo, a pit bull/boxer mix. She was found at 9 weeks old, malnourished, abandoned, and left in a sealed box sitting in the middle of the road. She was rescued, brought back to health, and still loves and trusts every human she meets unconditionally. She is such a great addition to our family. All of these stories are great examples of all the wonderful rescue animals that need and deserve good homes. The best thing we can do is pass this knowledge on…
Susan Larson October 02, 2011 at 02:21 AM
Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories!
Heidi October 02, 2011 at 09:10 PM
Thank goodness for all the loving volunteers that dedicate time and energy to rescue groups like Mutts Matter, and make it possible to save and rehabilitate loving dogs like Angel. Great story, so glad that this has a happy ending. Too many stories like this do not. Adopt, adopt, adopt! Or, volunteer!


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