Halloween Forecast Calls for Rainy Skies in Oakton

Oakton will see rain, temperatures in the 60s, according to the forecast.

We may see some rain on Halloween night. Patch file photo by Rachel Hatzipanagos.
We may see some rain on Halloween night. Patch file photo by Rachel Hatzipanagos.
By Todd Richissin

Nobody likes a chilly Halloween. And even fewer people like a wet one.

Which brings us to the weather forecast for Halloween 2013, Thursday night.

Truth be told, the treat looks like warmer than usual weather, with temperatures hitting the low 70s. But a trick could be in store, too: While the forecast for rain is only 20 percent during the day, that jumps up to 60 percent in the evening, according to Weather.com. The low would be 62 degrees. 
The Capital Weather Gang makes things a bit more complicated, in an honest kind of way. 

"Right now, there’s some chance that showers associated with a cold front approaching from the west will hold off just long enough to get those Halloween activities in without too much in the way of rain along the East Coast, except maybe northern New England," the gang writes. "However, if the front speeds up just a bit, we could easily be looking at a wetter Halloween evening scenario in the D.C. area and through much of the Northeast."

Our advice: Make your Halloween costume somebody, other than a flasher, who wears a raincoat. 


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