Open Carry: Oakton Patch Readers on the Coffee Shop Gun Situation

A coffee shop situation recalled in a Reston Patch blog post drew hundreds of comments from readers. Here's what Oakton Patch and other Patch readers said.

Over the weekend, Patch ran a piece asking readers for comments on a coffee shop situation in Reston.

Within 36 hours of publication, the Patch post had received more than 400 comments.

The original situation was detailed in a blog post on Reston Patch—a man walked into a coffee shop with an openly-carried gun, and some women who frequent the coffee shop were uncomfortable with the way the man conducted himself.

  • You can read that blog post here: What do you do when you run into a man with a gun?

Oakton Patch readers weighed in and here, we’re rounding up some of their comments. What do you think about what your neighbors are saying? Comment below, or head back to the original post from Sunday and add to the discussion going there.

An Oakton Patch reader named Phil wrote:“An automobile in a suburban setting has many purposes that do not involve harming other people. A fire arm does not. I am not intimidated by a fire arm in the hands of another person hunting in the woods, on a firing range, because I perceive their intention as peaceful pursuit of sport. I don't fee the same way when they wear a gun into a coffee shop.”

A reader named Erin wrote: “It's interesting to read the debate about gun ownership and mental health. My opinion is that anyone who enjoys strapping a weapon to their side IS already mentally unstable, and should therefore be denied the right. Why on Earth Virginia legislators allowed this in a modern society is astounding. I nearly moved out of the state after that happened. Oy.”

Several readers suggested Erin should have moved out of the state, but at least one commenter defended her comment.

What do you think, Oakton?


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