Oakton Resident to Perform Album Release Concert

Sarah Jebian, whose album "Love Songs & Lullabies" dropped today, will perform at UUCF tonight

Sarah Jebian's love for performing arts has manifested itself in many ways throughout her life. From ballet to acting to musical theater to cabaret, Jebian has sustained a 20-year career in the business. Even odd jobs she took to stay afloat between gigs involved the arts in some way — as a dance and voice teacher, box office manager and stage manager, to name a few.

As she releases her debut album Love Songs & Lullabies today, she adds recording artist to her résumé. She will celebrate its release with a 7:30 p.m. concert today at in Oakton. General admission tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at the door beginning at 7 p.m.

Jebian chose to host her release party at UUCF as a thank you to her fellow congregants for their support since she moved to Oakton three years ago. "Plus, the sanctuary is just beautiful," she added.

Inspired to create a compilation of lullabies when she realized she did not know any after the birth of her first daughter, Jebian has culled through hundreds of popular songs and traditional lullabies to come up with an album she hopes appeals to both babies and their mothers.

"There just wasn't any music out there that kids could enjoy that also fit parents. You know, music that I could listen to over and over and over again without wanting to kill myself," she laughed. "I thought I can't be the only parent who feels like this. If you're a parent who likes music, there's a shortage of music that crosses over like that."

Jebian chose songs that appealed to her lyrically. She wanted her listeners to hear the various emotions a mother has after having a baby, including some of more unpleasant ones.

"Each and every song I chose tells a story. It's like reading my journal, almost, of where I was emotionally," Jebian said.

She pointed to her choice to include the Peter Gabriel track In Your Eyes, which she said really connected with her frustration with the world's lack of civility and respect for each other. 

"It spoke to the darker, more fearful side of parenting. That I was bringing a little child into this world that isn't nice all of the time," Jebian said. "But then there are songs on the album, like You Got It, that is just pure joy."

Jebian will rely heavily on word-of-mouth to sell her debut album, though she is launching various marketing campaigns through social media to help things along.

Her definition of success for the album is loose. She wants to give the album room to grow its own way and then see where things go from there. If successful, she already has four or five new pop songs she'd love to cover for a followup lullabies album. 

Regardless, she will maintain a career in the performing arts, whether its teaching or performing herself, for as long as she possibly can. 

"There's always been something really magical about being on stage for me," Jebian said. "I've always tried to keep my feet in arts somehow even during dry spells. I don't know what else I would do. And I'm at a point in my career when I can be choosy, which has been great."

Jebian's album is available on CDbaby.com, iTunes and amazon.com. For more information, visit Jebian's website.


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