Oakton Drama Takes a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Before the white rabbit lures young Alice away in ’s adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass,” director and theatre arts teacher Vanessa Gelinas and her cast will work to create the dreamlike landscape of Wonderland.

“In the adaptation of the script we have, a lot of magical things [are] happening,” Gelinas said. “The obstacle we have to overcome is how we are going to make those effects come across to the audience.”

This abridged production of “Alice of Wonderland” is a comedy, starring senior Olivia Meyer and junior Melina Smith who co-star as Alice. Adapted for the stage by Eva Le Gallienne and Florida Friebus, this classic tale of curiosity follows Alice as she wanders deep into the unusual world that is Wonderland. 

Stage magic like the play’s “looking glass” relies heavily on the cooperation of Gelinas and her student-composed team of actors and theatre tech. Although the production crew is small, “Alice” is a big show with big sets. The true ability of the behind-the-scenes work is clear as soon as the first curtain goes up. 

“When the theatre tech starts building the stage and it’s not in the classroom anymore, it becomes real to them,” Gelinas said. “That’s when it really starts to get fun.”

This team of theatrical engineers and the rest of the cast go live and loud 7 p.m. Thursday.


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