Welcome New Blogger: Mother Earth Meals

Local website aims to share tips about healthy meals and fighting disease.

Today we get to welcome another new blogger to the Oakton Patch family: Mother Earth Meals.

The company's first blog post is submitted by MaryAnn Gaughan, the co-founder of Mother Earth Meals, an Oakton-area website that "focuses on healthy eating and promotes eating a diet full of cancer fighting foods." 

Gaughan, who resides in the Oakton area with her family, shares the story of her niece, who had a quick and early education about allergies when her infant son began having severe reactions to certain foods.

"Phineas was diagnosed with food allergies at eight months of age. He was fed a small piece of french bread then broke out in hives, began wheezing, and vomited repeatedly," Gaughan's niece, Dr. Valerie Edwards, wrote. "His second, and more severe, anaphylactic reaction occurred two months later when I gave him a spoonful of yogurt."

"I want readers with these qualities to hold in their minds the picture of a child who has food allergies. I hope that by hearing about Phin, you will take food allergies seriously. I also hope you will have the courage to include kids with allergies in your activities and welcome them into your home," Edwards writes in her post.

To read about some warning signs and how to live day-to-day with "their food" and "your food," read the company's first post: A Mother's Story - Food Allergies and My Child

Want to blog on Oakton Patch, too?

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Blogging on Patch is just one more way you can get involved with a site that is all about you.

So, start a blog on Oakton Patch today! Have questions about blogging? Just email Editor Erica R Hendry.


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