Mutts Matter: 'Thank You, Patch Readers'

Patch readers made a real difference in helping to save nearly 350 dogs this year.

As 2012 draws to a close, Mutts Matter Rescue would like to thank the Patch community and our network of dedicated volunteers for your tremendous support. With your help, we saved nearly 350 dogs this year, expanded our team, added new foster families, and hopefully made folks more aware of the importance and need for dog rescue. 

Rescue is a community of volunteers, so we couldn’t do it without you. Whether you’ve helped by sharing our pups’ stories with your friends and family on Facebook, donating to help cover veterinary costs, fostering or doing home visits, it all makes a difference in saving these dogs’ lives.

We live very busy, demanding lives here in the DC area, but taking some time out to help our little furry friends is not only a good thing to do, it’s rewarding too.

Dogs can change people’s lives in very real ways; they give and receive love unconditionally, and are our everyday companions, guardians and friends who comfort us in times of need. They’re the companion for the widow who just lost her husband of 30 years, or the playmate for the new kid in the neighborhood who is still learning how to fit in, or the glue that keeps your family connected as your kids grow up and spread their wings. 

There is never enough time during the holidays, so I’m doing a short article this week. For your viewing pleasure, I’d like to share some of our favorite holiday-themed pictures from our adopters and volunteers, because who can resist pictures of dogs in costume? Enjoy!

Thank you again for sharing our pups’ stories and getting the word out to your friends and family about adoption, volunteering and rescue. Your support helped save hundreds of pups in need and changed people’s lives. You made a difference.

Happy Holidays!

Follow Mutts Matter on Facebook to learn more about us and see new pups coming into the rescue!


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